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Music and image, intertwined. Da Pá Virada is a production company that mixes music, photography, video and education. We offer various cultural products as well as tailored productions, both at our São Paulo Brazil studio and on location.



DANI GURGEL’s precise scatting combines a reed instrument with a Brazilian pandeiro. It is a mix of the percussive and syncopated sound of the Portuguese language with the swaying curves of English.
Gurgel has recently released her online Masterclass on Other syllables for scat singing.


A Brazilian dive into contemporary jazz. DANI & DEBORA GURGEL QUARTETO – or DDG4 – bring a mix of traditional and modern rhythms, elaborated harmonies and constant improvisation. An inseparable union between instrumental music and carefully written words, filled with the delight of their long-established musical intimacy and the serendipity of constant interaction amongst themselves and with the audience.
Dani & Debora have recently released educational album and book collection, which includes full sheet music transcriptions and play-along versions of the album.


DEBORA GURGEL is a composer, arranger, pianist and educator. She writes contemporary Brazilian music, rooted in Brazilian popular music and in the jazz conception of improvisation.
Her pieces, arrangements and piano have been recorded with trio, quartet and septet, and by countless artists such as Filó Machado, Adriana Godoy, Joana Duah, Vanessa Moreno, Conrado Paulino, Ari Erev, Sandy Cressman.


A versatile drummer, producer and sound engineer; THIAGO RABELLO has been professionally recording and touring with the most diverse artists since his teens. Thiago is part of the band of jazz icons such as Cesar Camargo Mariano and Romero Lubambo, and has taken part in various Grammy winning recordings with Brazilian pop stars.
Thiago has produced and engineered albums by artists such as Dani Gurgel, DDG4, Maria Gadú, Dani Black, Romero Lubambo, and his instrumental quartet Metropole, with which he received the 2015 “Best Music Producer” Brazilian award.

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Production, recording, live & mix.

We have recorded artists such as João Bosco, Maria Gadú, Hamilton de Holanda, Mestrinho, Margareth Menezes, Quartabê, Salomão Soares, Ricardo Herz, Dani Gurgel, Mario Laginha, Dani Black, Tatiana Parra, Cabeça Óca, Barra da Saia, Outroeu, Qinho, Timeline trio, Edu Ribeiro, Amilton Godoy, Sidiel Vieira.

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